Re: [idvusers] Workaround for spurious map lines

Hi Don -

The good news is the workaround plugin does the trick!

I have noted the spider webs as well on my Linux notebook with an ATI M76 (Radeon HD 2600 series) card. I remember having had this problem already some versions ago with the same machine. At that time it was just one of the system maps (a world map) that had the problem. You resolved it then by replacing this map with a similar one that by chance did not create the problem.

I have not dared to come up with the same problem again, thinking it was linked somehow to my Linux installation and an upgrade I made more or less at the same time the spider webs popped up again (getting ATI cards to work in notebooks under Linux of any name can be tricky). Now I am "relieved" that it is a more generic problem.

Just for your information from the maps I am usually using I get the spider webs with World Coastlines and McIDAS World Country Outlines (a map I grabbed from Tom Yoksas last June). World Country Outlines and Europe do not produce spider webs.

cheers, HP

Don Murray wrote:
Hi All-

Beginning with the 2.7 release, some users have been reporting strange map line displays on some systems. It seems to be related to newer ATI video cards/drivers.

We do not have a permanent fix for this, but have a workaround for those users experiencing the problem. If you are having this problem, use the IDV's Plugin Manager (Tools->Plugin Manager menu) and install the Bug Fixes->Spurious Map Lines Fix plugin. You will need to restart the IDV after installing the plugin for the fix to take effect.

We are still investigating this issue and hope to have a permanent fix in due time.

The IDV Development Team

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