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Hi -

I am using 2 ways I kniow of to get a particular display size.

1. approximate
resize your display window manually to as close as possible to the size of you liking. Save this set up as a bundle.

2. precise
Go to View > Properties and at the bottom of the widget fill in the the 2 boxes Width and Height with the desired number of pixels, press OK. Go again to View > Properties and press Full Screen :-) .

cheers, HP

polarlow@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello all,

New user to IDV here.

I have been playing with IDV with a view to putting up a few images on my
website by means of automated bundles.

I am having bit of a hard time figuring out viewing pane size, by that I
mean the area the images are displayed. I am running the IDV locally on a
Windows PC at 1280x1024, consequently any captured images from the viewer
are are around 950px. It`s too big and I would prefer exported/captured
images in the 750px width range.

Is there some thing I can add to a script to resize the captured image prior
to saving? or can the viewer screen be resized in the IDV manually?

Hope I made some sense there :)

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