Re: [idvusers] Number of colors in colorbar using ISL

Hi Reinoud,

I have a color-filled contour plan view in IDV. I defined a color scale for it with a limited number of colors (using the Radar DbZ scale as a start and extending it from 16 to 20 colors) and saved it as a bundle. When I am now using ISL to generate images, the contours are correctly using my color scale but the color bar is drawn using too many colors (it looks like the maximum of 16 million). I would like it to be drawn using the same number of colors.

This is my colorbar tag:

<colorbar display="class:ucar.unidata.idv.control.ContourPlanViewControl" orientation="right" interval="0.2"
              width="20" height="300" showlines="true"  anchor="UR"
              place="UR,-70,10" showunit="true"/>

This past summer we did away with the non discrete color bar preview icons that we use in places like the legend and the menus. But, this didn't get implemented in the ISL colorbar. It now is and will be in tonight's nightly build.

Another point: is it possible to have the colorbar values increase upwards instead of downwards?

We don't have a way of specifying that in the ISL but what you can do is in the IDV edit the color table used by the display. Right click in the color bar and there should be an "Invert table" menu item. This just flips the color bar. Now, in the display change the range to the opposite range, e.g.. if it was 0-45 change it to 45-0.