[idvusers] Number of colors in colorbar using ISL


I have a color-filled contour plan view in IDV. I defined a color scale for it with a limited number of colors (using the Radar DbZ scale as a start and extending it from 16 to 20 colors) and saved it as a bundle.
When I am now using ISL to generate images, the contours are correctly using my 
color scale but the color bar is drawn using too many colors (it looks like the 
maximum of 16 million). I would like it to be drawn using the same number of 

This is my colorbar tag:

<colorbar display="class:ucar.unidata.idv.control.ContourPlanViewControl" 
orientation="right" interval="0.2"
              width="20" height="300" showlines="true"  anchor="UR"
              place="UR,-70,10" showunit="true"/>

Attached is a sample image. I put some purple and pink colors in the scale to 
check if the contouring really was using my own color scale.

Another point: is it possible to have the colorbar values increase upwards 
instead of downwards?


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