Re: [idvusers] can plugins be installed for all users?

After checking closer, it did indeed work.  I created a wrapper around IDV to 
pass the sitepath automatically when users start it.  Thanks.


On Wednesday 22 April 2009 14:11:23 Jeff McWhirter wrote:
> Hi Dallas,
> > I'd like to install a datasource plugin for all users.  Is there a method
> > by which all users would automatically have this plugin enabled when they
> > run IDV instead of each user installing it by hand?  I tried specifying a
> > SITEPATH and creating a SITEPATH/idv.rbi file with:
> >
> >   <!-- Where to look for plugins -->
> >   <resources name="idv.resource.plugins"  loadmore="true">
> >         <resource location="%SITEPATH%/plugins"/>
> >   </resources>
> >
> > But the user still needs to "install" the plugin.  Thanks for any help.
> This should work. Your users will need to set their sitepath which they
> can do in the preferences gui.
> Note - this resource defines a directory that the IDV scans for files so
> it will only work if SITEPATH is a file system directory
> not a web directory (since the IDV cannot scan a web based directory).
> -Jeff

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