Re: [idvusers] can plugins be installed for all users?

Hi Dallas,

I'd like to install a datasource plugin for all users. Is there a method by which all users would automatically have this plugin enabled when they run IDV instead of each user installing it by hand? I tried specifying a SITEPATH and creating a SITEPATH/idv.rbi file with:

  <!-- Where to look for plugins -->
  <resources name="idv.resource.plugins"  loadmore="true">
        <resource location="%SITEPATH%/plugins"/>

But the user still needs to "install" the plugin.  Thanks for any help.

This should work. Your users will need to set their sitepath which they can do in the preferences gui.

Note - this resource defines a directory that the IDV scans for files so it will only work if SITEPATH is a file system directory
not a web directory (since the IDV cannot scan a web based directory).