Re: [idvusers] Fields Selection for Model Data

Hi Jim-

jim.moser wrote:
I am new to IDV and I intend to use it for looking at archived grib files from our locally run WRF-ARW model. I can ingest the grib files just fine. My question
concerns the fields available for selection.

Are the fields that appear under "2d" and "3d" configurable? Is this discussed in detail in the users guide? Is there a document that talks about this that you could point me to?

As Tom pointed out, the list of fields is what the IDV reads in from
the grib files that it can handle.

If you want to limit the parameters, you can create a Field Mask.
This is not documented yet in the User's Guide.  To do this,
load in your grib file.  In the Field Selector, right click
on the data source and select "Write Field Mask Plugin" from
the pop-up menu.  Select a file name (foo.jar) to store the
plugin.  In the dialog that pops up, give the mask
a descriptive label, e.g.: "Jim's Grib View".  The ID can
be left alone.  Select the install option. Select the
fields that you want to let show.  There are some fields
that are needed for calculating derived quantities like
U and V for wind speed.  You can select these, but then
check hide so U and V does not show up, but wind speed does.
When you are done, click OK to write the JAR file and
install the plugin.  You'll need to restart the IDV for
the plugin to take effect.

The next time you load in your file, select
"Jim's Grib View" as the Data Source Type and then
the data that you want to load.  That will only show
the fields you want.  You could create several of these
with different views of the same data in each.  Just
select the appropriate one in the Data Source Type
fields of the Files, URL or Catalog chooser.

Don Murray
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