Re: [idvusers] Formating NetCDF headers for Point Data

Hi Bill-

This is timely because we are actively working on redoing the
support for point data in the IDV.  There is a new API in the
netCDF-Java 4.0 library that we are using to support this.
This will work with the proposed CF convention for point data
as well as the older formats.  This work is available in the
nightly build, but not the 2.6u2 release.

Capehart, William J wrote:

I'm trying to package some point data for IDV using netCDF.

Are there any examples of setting this up except for

Check out the proposed CF formats at:

Specifically what we want to do is take a days worth of point data at
different stations and collect them in a single file for use in IDV (and
other tools) e.g., for a given parameter float temperature(station,time) ;
Would such a setup work or am I limited one time step per file as the
madis examples seem to imply.

This would fit with the " Multidimensional representation"
section above.

Better still, is there a utility in GEMPAK or elsewhere that takes a
GEMPAK point data file (e.g, 20090215_sao.gem) and convert it to a
netcdf file viewable in NETCDF?

I'm currently working on a direct reader for GEMPAK surface files so you
won't need to convert.  I hope to have something done by mid to late

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