Re: [idvusers] 2 Questions: KMZ output and default display quality setting

HI Ben,

I have 2 questions which might be answered in the latest version (I'm on 2.6 and I know there's one a little newer)... but they are:

1: When I output a L2 Radar to KMZ format, I'd like the highest resolution I can get. But instead it seems to be limited to my current display adapter resolution setting. (i.e. 1280x1024 is better than 800x600 (eww?) ) Is there a setting hidden somewhere?

I assume you mean the resolution of the generated image? When in interactive mode the image size is the size of the view window you are capturing. You can capture an arbitrarly large size image from the isl when in off screen mode. In the "bundle" tag just set width and height to the size you want:

Just do a Save As... and specify something.isl. Chcck off Movie and change the name of the generated product to something.kmz. In the latest release we also support writing an image as a .kmz file. In the ISL settings dialog under the advanced tab just specify the dimensions. Then run the idv with the .isl file as an argument:
idv something.isl
and this should generate the kmz file with the larger image size.

2: Speaking of displays, the default quality for a NexRad display is "medium" where I would like "high". Where can I set this to be the perm default? (I looked in help... and wasn't sure if I found the right thing when searching quality)

I'll defer to my more knowledgeable colleagues on this one.