[idvusers] 2 Questions: KMZ output and default display quality setting

Hey guys,

I have 2 questions which might be answered in the latest version (I'm on 2.6 and I know there's one a little newer)... but they are:

1: When I output a L2 Radar to KMZ format, I'd like the highest resolution I can get. But instead it seems to be limited to my current display adapter resolution setting. (i.e. 1280x1024 is better than 800x600 (eww?) ) Is there a setting hidden somewhere?

2: Speaking of displays, the default quality for a NexRad display is "medium" where I would like "high". Where can I set this to be the perm default? (I looked in help... and wasn't sure if I found the right thing when searching quality)

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