[idvusers] trying to contour fill bathy according to known levels and color table

I am trying to produce imagery of bathy data using IDV's Contour2DDisplayable.

Please see the GEBO table at


I am trying to influence the Displayable so that my data is shown according to the GEBCO scheme.

I am using

ContourLevels cl = new IrregularContourLevels( 0, 25, 50 .... 0 as per the jpg)
displayable.setContourLevels( cl );

float[3][14] COLORS = rgbs for 14 colors as floats.

displayable.setColorPalette( COLORS );

It is not quite turning out as I expected. i suspect that the two calls above are not as entwined as I had hoped. I note from the javadoc the suggested use of setRangeForColor(). however is also appears that the color palette is somehow linear in the scalar map range?? The GEBCO scheme is not linear, but more discrete in its binning.

Any help gratefully appreciated.


PS i hope i have not asked this before, i have trawled the logs...