Re: [idvusers] Contour plot defined by two variables (into defined ranges)


Tom Whittaker wrote:
Dr. Traveria --

I assume you want an isosurface at the 95% Relative Humidity level,
and color this with temperatures between 0 and -20?  Chris Herbster
(Embry Riddle Univ) has done similar work.  Here's what you do:

1. select the gridded data set in the Data Chooser
2. select 3D relative humidity in the Field Selector, along with the
Display type (isosurface colored by another parameter),
     and for the other parameter, select Temperature
3. Pick the times you want and region, if necessary
4. After the display, set the isosurface value to 95% and then you can
change the color range on the temperatures to be -20 to 0.

That would be my procedure with the following tweak.

Edit the color table and set the range to be from -30 to 10, then
set the transparency for values from -30 to -20 to be 100% and
set the transparency to 100% for the values from 0 to 10.  That way
they won't show up in the display.

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