Re: [idvusers] Access to the Unidata and NSF xml catalogs in IDV


I had a similar experience just recently. In my case, the cause was that
I was pointing to an old DNS server to look up domain names. Someone,
who I will not name or identify, messed up my configuration. When I used
a web browser, I saw an error message that said that the server could
not be found. With the IDV, the error led to application crashes. 

Don's answer is more likely to help you, but you never know.


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> We've noticed that while we can connect to the catalogs for
> meteorological data in IDV (e.g., motherloade) from certain locations
> (e.g., edu), our experience in connecting with them off campus (e.g.,
> from home, meetings, hotel rooms etc) varies.  This is so both with
> and using a web brower.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and
> can't seem to find a rule by which we can or cannot connect?   I can
> to my university system and become an edu, but I'm curious as to the
> unpredictability of what locations can connect and what cannot, even
> when both are .coms.
> Are certain IP ranges (certain ranges of .coms or .nets for example)
> walled out from accessing motherloade or similar catalog sites from
> Cheers and Thanks
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