Re: [idvusers] Contours on point data


Sounds like typical point data at irregular locations.  So far as I know the 
IDV does not yet have a way to
'grid' or 'analyze' such data to make a gridded file which is needed for contouring in the IDV. However I have gridded data using the GMT package ( for making a data file for IDV use, and plan to put instructions on the GEON IDV web site I will let you know when I get it done. Or you can figure out GMT for yourself before I write it up. A GMT 'grd' file is a netcdf grid file with incomplete header information. Correct the header and it will then work in the IDV. GMT is widely used in solid earth geophysics for this kind of thing, and is a good pair with the IDV.


I have data that consists of latitude, longitude and a value in a text
file.  Is it possible for me to generate a display that doesn't show the
locations, but draws contour lines based on this data?


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