Re: [idvusers] Capture issues

Hi Bob

Not sure with what you are capturing, View>Capture>Image or View>Capture>Movie? Independently of that however, you may explicitily specify the format by appending .png (also my prefered format) to the file name. I am running 2.4 and nighlty builds of 2.5 under XP without problems. Must be some problem with the graphics configuration on your machine (or with RAM use).


Bob Grieve wrote:
Not sure if anyone else has these strange issues. I`m running the 2.4
version on a windows XP SP 2 machine. Quite often when trying the
capture a png image (using the capture feature), it will flicker
during the capture resulting in nothing more than a grey box being

Is there another way to export the images other than a screen capture.
I would prefer to use png, the other formats are too lossy or too big.
It`s got to the point where it is easier to hit "print screen" and
crop the screen grab in photoshop. Not the ideal way! Thank you.
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