Re: [idvusers] HTTP 416 error on Grib files?

You really dont want to access GRIB files via HTTP range requests. You should download the file, then access it locally. For remote access, use an opendap server.

Patrick Webb wrote:
I am running into a problem accessing GRIB files via a URL. I keep getting "HTTP 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable" error when I try loading the file in. I've tried moving the file to different servers and I still get the error so either the problem is with the file (which I'm currently looking into), or the problem is with the IDV. Is this a problem that you've ever seen before?

The file(s) I'm testing with is located at: ForecastProducts/NorthAlaska6/grib/2007110900/07110900_arw.GrbF003-d01

Thank you for any help or guidance.
Patrick Webb | HPC Data Analyst | Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
Email: webb@xxxxxxxx | Phone: 907-450-8635

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