[idvusers] HTTP 416 error on Grib files?

I am running into a problem accessing GRIB files via a URL. I keep getting "HTTP 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable" error when I try loading the file in. I've tried moving the file to different servers and I still get the error so either the problem is with the file (which I'm currently looking into), or the problem is with the IDV. Is this a problem that you've ever seen before?

The file(s) I'm testing with is located at: http://weather.arsc.edu/ ForecastProducts/NorthAlaska6/grib/2007110900/07110900_arw.GrbF003-d01

Thank you for any help or guidance.
Patrick Webb | HPC Data Analyst | Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
Email: webb@xxxxxxxx | Phone: 907-450-8635