Re: [idvusers] Reading local station netCDF file with the IDV

Greetings Stuart,

     Thank you for your reply.  Even after reading through the GEON
documents, I still cannot get my data into the IDV.  I will post to the
netCDF list - perhaps it is an issue with the way I am writing my netCDF


Stuart Wier wrote:
> Sean,
> The GEON IDV for solid earth geophysics often deals with point data. 
> You may find something useful in
> Sean Arms wrote:
>>      I've been working on using the IDV to read data from our local
>> micronet and I am running into a few problems.  I've tried to be as
>> faithful to the netCDF Observation Dataset Conventions
>> (
>> as much as possible, but I have had very limited success.  Just to
>> briefly summarize our micronet, we have 28 stations, each recording
>> temperature and relative humidity at five minute intervals.  I'm trying
>> to read in a netCDF files that is one day in length.  The IDV reads the
>> file as a gridded file, which does not allow me to view the data, as the
>> dataset is point data.  Perhaps this error is related to my poor netCDF
>> writing skills, in which case I will visit the netCDF forms, but I'm
>> hoping that someone will be able to point me in the right direction.
>> I've attached the netCDF file in case anyone is interested in
>> reproducing the errors (I really do not know Java [yet], so I can't
>> really parse any error output from the IDV)
>> Thanks!
>> Sean