Re: [idvusers] Reading local station netCDF file with the IDV


The GEON IDV for solid earth geophysics often deals with point data.  You may 
find something useful in

Sean Arms wrote:

     I've been working on using the IDV to read data from our local
micronet and I am running into a few problems.  I've tried to be as
faithful to the netCDF Observation Dataset Conventions
as much as possible, but I have had very limited success.  Just to
briefly summarize our micronet, we have 28 stations, each recording
temperature and relative humidity at five minute intervals.  I'm trying
to read in a netCDF files that is one day in length.  The IDV reads the
file as a gridded file, which does not allow me to view the data, as the
dataset is point data.  Perhaps this error is related to my poor netCDF
writing skills, in which case I will visit the netCDF forms, but I'm
hoping that someone will be able to point me in the right direction. I've attached the netCDF file in case anyone is interested in
reproducing the errors (I really do not know Java [yet], so I can't
really parse any error output from the IDV)



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