Re: [idvusers] Maximum Heap Size

Since I had a moment, I wanted to pass along some results.

We upgraded our GeoWall display machine to WindozeXP-64 bit. I then installed the 64-bit version of Java (and the only available Java 3D 1.5.something). If I run the IDV using the 'native' java jre for the machine (i.e., the 64-bit version I just installed) it allows me to increase the heap size beyond the ~1.5 Gb 'limit' that the 32-bit OS/jre allows me. I believe I was able to increase it to around 3.5 Gb.

This allowed me to significantly increase the number of images/data points I could render.

I did *not* need to rebuild the IDV from source.


Kevin L. Manross wrote:

Hi all,

I am aware of how to increase the maximum heap space of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) via the command line. What I'm unclear of is the upper limit of the maximum heap space allowed. I was hoping it would be simply limited to the amount of physical memory. Unfortunately this does not appear to be the case. Can anyone on this list conform this? From my experience, it appears that the application (IDV in this case) won't start when specifying anything greater than -Xmx1536m .

Is there a way around this?  (Caching?)

Specifically, I'm wanting to display relatively long animations of data displaying isosurfaces.

I have a machine that has 4 Gb of physical RAM (actually 8 Gb, but my OS only recognizes 4 Gb).

Many thanks!!


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