Re: [idvusers] Maximum Heap Size

Hi Kevin,
I'm sure some folks will chime in with their experience with max memory size.

Specifically, I'm wanting to display relatively long animations of data displaying isosurfaces.

We have recently added a facility to cache the data to a local disk store. If you are running a recent build - for grids if you go to the properties dialog of the data source there is a "Always cache to disk" checkbox. Turning that on will result in the IDV reading in the data timestep by timestep right when each timestep is accessed, e.g., when the display is rendered. Once we read it we write it to disk and get rid of it from memory. Then, when the data is accessed again (say, when the display is re-rendered or the data is probed) we read it back from the local disk.

The "Delay" field is how long the IDV waits until it gets rid of the data from memory. For example, if you are probing the data you might want to increase the delay so the IDV doesn't keep going to disk every time the probe moves.

This is a user option because you do take a performance hit in the IO to local disk. But, it will dramatically reduce memory usage.

A caveat - this is fairly new the past 6 weeks or so but it seems to be working pretty well.