Re: Windows v Linux

Hi Bob

I am running IDV on a XP Thinkpad and on a Linux (SuSE 10.1) HP notebook, both with 2GB RAM. Under Linux I can safely assign 1.5GB RAM (set "-Xmx1512m" in the runIDV script). With XP up to recently I could not go beyond 1GB, but since a couple of days (and nightly builds) I have gone to 1.4GB (1.5GB would not do it) and for the time being there are no hiccups. My main applications are processing (long) sequences of satellite images for RGB display.

In short, I find Tom's advice confirmed to"spend $100 and buy another 1GB of RAM for your Windows machine" .

Tom Whittaker wrote:
Hi Bob...

I would spend $100 and buy another 1GB of RAM for your Windows
machine.  Others may disagree, but I believe you wont gain anything
regarding IDV resource utililization by going to Linux.  In addition,
for background image generation, Windows seems to be easier to work
with than Linux .... but then again, I'm no Linux expert, either.

Depending on what you're doing, there are things you can do to
mitigate the resource issues.  For example, if you are generating,
say, a 500mb analysis...then when you create the bundle, specify in
the Field Selector that it should only read the 500mb level data.

By far, images consume the largest amount of resource; but other
issues do crop up -- for example, if you plot tens of thousands of
surface obs.

Also, for generating stuff in the background, you can spcify the
priory as less than average which will help any cpu cycle contention
that may occur.

I should also add at this point, that it's important to get the latest
releases.  Don & Jeff are constantly improving the preformance....for
example, there is a huge difference between 2.1 and 2.2 (and the
upcoming 2.3, I might add).

I would also not leave the IDV running all the time -- instead, I
would use the schedule tasks or cron-like program to fire it off when

That's all for now -- I'm sure others will have opinions.

Good luck,


On 6/14/07, Bob Grieve <britbob@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
After using the IDV for several months, trying to get a feel for the
software I`m headed toward using it for batch scripts. Creating maps on an
automated basis, via the batching features. I`ve been running IDV on a
windows XP pro setup, 1.8ghz Athlon with 1gb ram.

Let`s just say, IDV likes to eat the ram for breakfast and I find myself
frequently hitting the ceiling!!

Now to cut down on hardware costs, would I be better off running the IDV on a linux box as opposed to for example windows 2003 server? Would this cut
down on the ram and general resource usage?

Unfortunately for me, my knowledge of linux is rather limited compared to
windows. That said, I`m always willing to learn and if it helps save on
hogging all the resources, all the better!