Re: flow vectors from regular u and v arrays

Hi Murray-

Murray Brown wrote:
I have a simple Surfer ASCII grid to NetCDF converter if anybody is interested. It's new, and needs testing.
We typically make U and V grids in Surfer, followed by arrow plots in Surfer also. I don't see why you couldn't also use these for a NetCDF route.

The last time I used Surfer was in 1988 in graduate school on an
IBM PC with no hard drive.  It's probably come a long way since
then. ;-)

If you're looking for good candidate ASCII grid formats to convert to NetCDF, Surfer is obviously a priority, IMHO, and ESRI ArcGrid comes next (ASCII and binary flavors).

The IDV can read in ESRI ASCII ArcGrid files, but not the
binary format.  At present, the projection info needs to
be in the file, not in a separte .prj file.

Do you know of any documentation on the Surfer ASCII format?
I found some limited docs at one site, but it only had an
example for an altitude surface.  Are U & V stored in separate
files?  Could you send me some sample files?

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