Re: flow vectors from regular u and v arrays

Hi HP-

satmet.hp wrote:

I have files with the u resp v components of regularly spaced wind vectors (ASCII arrays). How can I construct flow vectors.

There is no direct ASCII grid reader in the IDV, but it is
on our list of things to do.  The big problem is deciding on
a format.  The underlying VisAD library has a method for reading
ASCII grids and we are looking at using that as well as a
netCDF-Java IOSP.

There are a couple of options:

- use the VisAD text reader and then try to display the
resulting data structure using the Any Field formula and
selecting a flow display.

- use the GEON-IDV ASCII->netCDF converter described at:

Stu Wier might want to chime in on this since he's the one
who developed it.

Can you send a sample file to support-idv?

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