Re: Images for the WWW

Tom Whittaker wrote:

I have used this for generating loops of GOES images from the
scheduler.  The principle is the same:

1.  Create the display the way you want it
2. Save it as a "bundle"
As some sugar for the user - when you save the bundle (File->Save As) you can give it a .isl file, e.g., mybundle.isl. When you do this the IDV will ask you for some
information about what do you want to generate (e.g., movie, image) and then
write out a mybundle.isl and mybundle.xidv file (the actual bundle file).

There is pretty good documentation of the isl here:

Also - we are about to revamp the examples of on our web site (ince we get the next beta release out in the coming weeks).
In the meantime you can see some examples here:

and here:

The above web pages were completely generated by isl scripts (including scp'ing them to our web site). We generate the thumbnail image and the quicktime movie, animated gif and
google earth kmz files all through the isl script.

As part of the examples section revamp we'll include the documentation on how tdid this.