Re: Images for the WWW


I have used this for generating loops of GOES images from the
scheduler.  The principle is the same:

1.  Create the display the way you want it
2. Save it as a "bundle"
3. Create a little ISL to invoke the bundle, annotate your image(s),
and save them as a JPG, PNG, etc.
4. On your scheduler, invoke the IDV from the command line using this form:
          java -Xmx500m -jar idv.jar yourfile.isl

    where "yourfile.isl" is the ISL file.

There are lots of documents and on-line help.  Since you're apparently
not at a college I think the biggest issue will be getting your GRIB
data...but once you've got that squared away, you should be

Good luck!


On 2/15/07, Robert Reed <polarlow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Is there anyone on the group using IDV to create numerical model
imagery for the web?

Having fought and failed using GrADS (I`m technicaly challenged and no
linux guru!), I came across IDV hoping it might be a little easier
being that it is windows friendly(ish).

I run a community based website in Maine, and we are looking to create
custom numerical model charts from the freely available grib data,
preferably automated/stand-alone via scripting, batch files or
whatever it needs.

Before I get too involved in using IDV, would this software be what I
am looking for? If yes, I could probably do with some tips and advice
at some stage. Maybe those experienced in this area, we could chat
off-group via email, save me making a pest of myself on the group!


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