Re: Upper Level color fill

Okay, one more note.

Don Murray wrote:
One more note.  If you don't really care about it being
a 3D application, you can also use the Edit->Preferences
menu, select the Main Display tab, uncheck the "Use 3D if Possible"
option, apply the preferences and then use the New->Display \menu to open a new Map Display. That will not be 3D and any upper level
plot you put in there will have the map on top.

After trying this, we've found that there are some issues with
the 2D display.  You cannot use color filled contours in the
2D display in version 2.1 (we're looking into this).

Also, if you load any of the favorite bundles which have 3D
displays while your preference is set to 2D, you will get errors
for things like isosurfaces because the IDV currently tries to put
them into the existing display.  We'll have a fix for this in
the next release.

Also, we are contemplating removing this preference from the
Preferences dialog and instead having a set of displays
available through the New->Displays menus.  That way you can
easily mix 2 and 3D displays if you want in the same session.
Input on this change is welcome.

Of course, that defeats the purpose of having a 3D application
to look at the atmosphere in new ways. ;-)

Your best bet for now is to stick with 3D. ;-)

Don Murray