Re: Upper Level color fill

Hi Bob-

Bob Grieves wrote:
I seem to be running into a problem creating color-fill contoured plots at
various isobaric levels. I have tried data from both the GFS and NAM 80km,
and other gridded domains, however all the color-fills come out solid hence
the basemap is not visible. Now 2D color fills seem just fine, I can plot a
color fill for 2M and 10M temperatures and can see the basemap, coasts etc.
The issue is upper levels (3D).

It's a 3D display, so the upper levels are above the bottom
of the cube, thus the base map is hidden.  You can rotate
the box to see the map underneath. You can also use the
Background Maps control to move the map up higher in the box.
You could also use the Displays->Background Maps menu to
add in a second set of maps and place that at the top.
You could also use the color table editor to adjust the transparency
of the level.  However, transparency is problematic as only
the last thing loaded (or the one that has had the View->To Front
option used) will be transparent.

Good luck!

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