Re: predefined ISL properties

When describing the <property> tag in Section 7.1.1 of the User's Guide, it states: "There are also a set of predefined properties that can be used."

1) Where does one find this list of name/value pairs for all predefined properties? 2) In this set of predefined properties, which ones correspond to which display types? 3) If some predefined properties only make sense to use in specialized cirumstances, what are these specialized circumstances? (For example, it only make sense to use contourInfoParams if a contour plot is drawn.)

Sorry, my bad with the documentation. There are really 2 uses of the property tag. First, is to define a general property
as described in:

This has nothing to do with the use of the property tag contained within the display tag. Those properties
are for setting state within a display.

<begin geeky programmer mode>
The display properties can be anything that one of the Java display classes has a public set method for.
<end geeky programmer mode>

We will try to put together a list of useful properties that can be set. In the meantime it would be helpful to find out what you would like to have access to. If nothing comes to mind right away as you are using the IDV/ISL and you
come across  things you need to set please communicate them to us.