Using ISL to create images

I am new to using IDV and I am trying to create images using ISL.

I have been working through examples in the IDV User's Guide and Tutorial. The example ISL file display.isl comes closest to what I want to do, but I cannot get this ISL file to run properly. I don't know how to create the template.xidv it needs.

I am having trouble creating an ISL file to generate images for various parameters in a data source. For starters, I am using simply because it is available to use. Here are some questions I have:

1) Is it possible to get some example ISL files for how one can create images to answer the below questions using or some other readily available file? 2) How does one list all possible values for "param" and "type" to use with a dataset? 3) How does one determine the range of valid values for each parameter? For example, if I want to create a contour plot for temperature, how can I determine the minimum and maximum temperature values that are used to create the contour plot? 4) How are color filled contours and color shades specified from an ISL file? Are there other types of 2-D imagery one can create with ISL? If so, what tags are needed? What about tags for the various 3-D imagery types? 5) If I want to write multiple images from one ISL file, how do I clear the display between images? 6) Eventually, I would like to create images from GRIB files. Do any of the answers to the above questions change when using GRIB files instead of netCDF files? Also, among the files that one can access with IDV, which ones, if any are GRIB files?


Sara Adair
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