IDV 1.2 beta 1 bugfix #2

Okay, this is the last bugfix before a beta 3 release.  Any new
bugs will have to wait for that release. There was a problem
accessing ADDE point data using relative times and that has been fixed.

To make up for the hassle of updating the release, we've snuck in
one new feature - a Location Indicator Control (even has
documentation!).  This control is accessible through the
Displays->Special->Location Indicator menu or through the
new icon on the toolbar that looks like a tilted Y (supposed
to be xyz axes).  See the documentation on this control for
it's use:

If you downloaded the InstallAnywhere installers for this release,
new installers are available through the downloads page.
You can either:

a) download the new installer and run it again


b) download idv.jar and auxdata.jar from:

and replace the existing ones in the directory where you installed
IDV 1.2 beta 1.

If you are using the Web Start version of the IDV, you will
get the new idv.jar and auxdata.jar the next time you start the IDV.

If you are building the IDV from source, please download
the new idv_src_1.2b1.jar and

Note, this only applies to the IDV 1.2 beta 1 release.

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