Re: Ant question, Was: Another app with switchable display side projections

id like to know how to do that too. you'll probably have to ask the ant user 
list though.

Stuart Maclean wrote:
Tommy Jasmin wrote:

Stuart - you can bundle whatever you want into a jar with the Ant jar command. For example, below is a small build.xml I call from a parent build file with
<subant tartget="jar">

Hi Tommy, my point was actually how to locate all the source files which produced some set of class files. I do not have a single tree of sources, so I'd need some help from Ant in locating from directory roots X,Y,Z, given that I have A.class.

I did see an example of such a task in an Ant book, in a chapter on writing your own tasks. As of Ant 1.6.5 alas, it appears that said task has not made it into the distro...

Sorry for the lack of IDV ness in the topic ;)