Ant question, Was: Another app with switchable display side projections

Stuart Maclean wrote:

Hey, do you know of a good way in Ant to say "heres some class files, and here's some source paths, now go and bundle all the sources which produced the class files into a single jar? Armed with that task, I could post the sources to my gridviewer on the web page.

Stuart - you can bundle whatever you want into a jar with the Ant jar command. For example, below is a small build.xml I call from a parent build file with
<subant tartget="jar">

You can see I bundle class files together with image files. If you want only source files, just use the appropriate wildcard (i.e., *.java) with the "includes"

<project name="image_looper_rco" default="jar">
 <target name="jar">
   <jar destfile="${rcolib.home}/image_looper_rco.jar">
     <fileset dir="${rcosrc.home}" includes="rco/image_looper/*.class"/>
     <fileset dir="${rcosrc.home}/rco/image_looper" includes="images/**"/>
     <fileset dir="${basedir}/lib" includes="net/n3/nanoxml/**"/>
<fileset dir="${rcosrc.home}" includes="rco/util/JAnimatedImage.class"/> <fileset dir="${rcosrc.home}" includes="rco/util/ServletInvoker.class"/>

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