Re: support for IDV 1.2 on MacOS X 10.4

Hi Alan-

Alan Klein wrote:
I have a related problem, when I try to run the IDV
1.3A2 app for Mac OS X, I get the following error:
"Could not launch the application because it requires
a version of Java that is not installed. This application requires Java 1.4, but only 1.4.2 and
1.3.1 are installed. Updating to a newer version of
Mac OS X may resolve this issue."

Is this through Web Start?  If so, then the problem could
be that Mac OS-X handles the version tag in the JNLP
differently than other platforms.  In the IDV JNLP files,
there is a version tag that specifies "1.4" which should
equate to any 1.4.X version (thus 1.4.2).   We are going to
try to support 1.4+ (which includes 1.5) for the 1.3b1 release.
I've changed the JNLP file on the link for 1.3a2 to use 1.4+,
so please try again and let me know if that fixes your problem.

I am running Mac OS X 10.3.9, obviously with Java
1.4.2. I can run the older version of IDV (1.2). I
also can run the IDV 1.3A2 using the "runIDV"
executable that came with the package.

Since it works with the runIDV script, then I'm guessing
you were trying Web Start above.

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