Re: loading point-data to idv

Heiko Klein wrote:

Two hours later, reading a lot of the IDV and NetCDF source, I managed to get my file working: I didn't manage to find anywhere the polar_stereographic parameter "straight_vertical_longitude_from_pole" which is defined in CF-1.0 Appendix F.

Using instead "longitude_of_projection_origin" (not mentioned in CF-1.0, but in GDV convention and the source), the file below worked fine. I used the same value for both parameters: Did I misunderstand the "straigth_vertical_longitude_from_pole", or there it simply a bug concerning polar_stereographic in the netcdf CF-1.0 implementation?

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Hi Heiko:

Theres a bug in the netcdf CF-1.0 implementation where its not looking for the correct parameter names for polar stereographic. We are going to fix this. An immediate workaround is to use the Stereographic projection with latitude_of_projection_origin = 90.

Sorry for the trouble,