Re: "Show Details"` - new implementaiton of complete NetCDF file

  • To: Stuart Wier <wier@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: "Show Details"` - new implementaiton of complete NetCDF file
  • From: Jeff McWhirter <jeffmc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 12:59:43 -0600

Hi Stu,

For an extension of the IDV as a java jar package, I need to have the "Show Details" action in the Data Seelction window show the complete header info from NetCDF files.

In the 1.1_b1 version I implemented this by modifying IDV core code as follows: in NetcdfPointdataSource add a new method String getFullDescription(), which calls `
nc2.NetcdfFile, a new method makeNetCDFHeaderString().

How do you recommend adding these extensions to my java package?
Perhaps a subclass of NetcdfPointdataSource with method getFullDescription()...

Yes, that would be the best way. Just have your own datasource.xml file that replaces the
NetCDF.POINT entry to have it point to your new class.

But the new IDV version 1.2b2 does not contain nc2 code.

So how do I get the info from a NetCDF file to begin with?

The full header info from NetCDF files is a useful item for users to see.

The current implementation of NetcdfPointDataSource uses the class to read in the the netcdf file. It does not use the nc2 package. In the next release we are moving to the new common data model( CDM) work of the Thredds group which will be based on a
new nc2 package.