"Show Details"` - new implementaiton of complete NetCDF file header

For an extension of the IDV as a java jar package, I need to have the "Show 
action in the Data Seelction window show the complete header info from NetCDF 

In the 1.1_b1 version I implemented this by modifying IDV core code as follows:
in NetcdfPointdataSource add a new method String getFullDescription(), which 
calls `
nc2.NetcdfFile, a new method makeNetCDFHeaderString().

How do you recommend adding these extensions to my java package?
Perhaps a subclass of NetcdfPointdataSource with method getFullDescription()...

But the new IDV version 1.2b2 does not contain nc2 code.

So how do I get the info from a NetCDF file to begin with?

The full header info from NetCDF files is a useful item for users to see.

Stuart Wier