Re: Clipping planes

Hi Mike-

Mike Voss wrote:
I was just playing around with the clipping. I agree that it would be more functional to clip all sides for just the reason you mentioned. In fact I was getting a little annoyed that it wasn't clipping the top and bottom when I was looking at some layers. However, after playing around with this some more I see that occasionally one might want to clip just the sides......hmmm. Would it be possible to set the clip to all sides as you mentioned as a default, but then have a toggle switch to only clip sides when desired? If I had to choose one or the other, I would set it up how you mentioned...clip all sides.

Excellent point. If the top and bottom planes are clipped, you can
still include all the verical data by changing the vertical scale.
I'd like to avoid too many clipping options to reduce confusion and
I think this would solve both problems.

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