Clipping planes

Hi All-

We have had a request to change the clipping strategy in the
IDV box which I'd like your feedback on.

Currently, when you select the View->Clip View At Box menu, the top
and bottom planes are not clipped.  When we first added clipping
to the IDV, we clipped on all planes of the box.  However, we
ran into the problem that the probe points at the top of the box
were getting clipped as well.

I'm inclined to go back to the mode that clipping at the box
means clipping on all sides which is more consistent.  If we
did this, would that impact the way you use the IDV currently?

Clipping on all sides would allow you to show just a small slab
of a 3D dataset (e.g., only data between 5000 and 7000 meters).
You can always turn off clipping and show all data.

Let us know what you think.

Don Murray
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