Re: [gembud] creating ERA5-based moisture maps

I'm interested in creating maps of equivalent potential temperature (THTE) using ERA5 files (from the NCAR archive) in which fields on a given day are archived in separate grib files. I'm running into a roadblock after creating separate GEMPAK format files of
you can read multiple files as steve mentioned via:

GDFILE   = ${FILE} + ${FILE} + ${FILE}

and then gfunc parms will be read accordingly, or you can specify gfun parms by file if necessary, or combine.

what I find most useful is to use GDDIAG to perform calculations with various fields in multiple files to create a final file from which plots or various other outputs are performed... when using GDDIAG you can name combined fields in any manner desired with any valid time desired to be further utilized.

feel free to contact me off list if you find yourself needing further assistance :)


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