[gembud] creating ERA5-based moisture maps

      Dear GEMPAK users,

          I'm interested in creating maps of equivalent potential
temperature (THTE) using ERA5 files (from the NCAR archive) in which fields
on a given day are archived in separate grib files. I'm running into a
roadblock after creating separate GEMPAK format files of each field and
then can't figure out how to get GEMPAK to recognize TMPK from one file and
RELH from another to calculate THTE on the fly. Is the only solution to
merge separate ERA5 grib files/fields into a single "mega" GEMPAK file?

        Thank you, in advance, for any suggestions you might have on
avoiding the "mega" file!


Douglas K. Miller
Atmospheric Sciences Dept.
One University Heights
Asheville, NC 28804
Phone: (828) 232-5158
FAX: (828) 232-5046
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