Re: [gembud] Issues with viewing GEMPAK surface observations through GARP

The Garp options pulldown allows you to set logging to verbose 3 that may help you nail down where the problems are arising...

As far as your file endings, check your pqact / decoder entries .. there were changes in pqact awhile back that may affect your particular usage (elimination of the -e GEMTBL flag for example) ... you may find rewriting to absolute paths by product to be helpful in eliminating your shb issue.. something like this maybe

DDS|IDS ^U[ABDEFGHIJKLMPQRSTXZ].... .... ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])
        PIPE    decoders/dcuair -b 24 -m 16
        -d /abs/path/data/gempak/logs/dcuair.log
        -s /abs/path/gempak/nawips/gempakver/tables/stns/snworld.tbl
        -p /abs/path/gempak/nawips/gempakver/tables/pack/snmerg.pack
over the years i've found that when products are added or removed from streams that separating products out and filing individually can be helpful in tweaking to a particular setup...

hope this helps.



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Subject: [gembud] Issues with viewing GEMPAK surface observations through GARP

GEMPAK Support,

I have been encountering some issues with getting GARP 2.1 to load surface observations. GARP has a tendency to crash and work intermittently while it adds and loads the file list.

The surface observation gem files end in *_sao.gem, but I believe our LDM feed also adds *_shb.gem (ship and buoy observations) to the same directory. Even when I move the *_shb.gem files out of this same directory, GARP may still crash.

When I use the different verbose levels and view some of the output, I receive some of the following messages during my multiple attempts to get the surface observations to display:
GEMPAK: [SF -6]  File is not a surface data file.
211024/2040 to tm structure
yyyymmddhhmm2time: Can't convert string 211024/1920 to tm structure
Is there a way to resolve any of the issues to get GARP to not crash when attempting to open these surface observations? Is there something that I need to reconfigure or update with GEMPAK or GARP to get it working appropriately?

Please advise and let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you very much for your time and help.

Very Respectfully,

Derek Podowitz
DON Meteorologist, Lab Manager
Interactive Digital Environmental Analysis (IDEA) Lab
Department of Meteorology
Naval Postgraduate School
NPS E-mail:  derek.podowitz@xxxxxxx
Cell:  856-220-7892

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