[gembud] Problems plotting NEXRAD N0Q

Dear all gempak users,

I had to switch recently from the N0Z NEXRAD products to N0Q.

The plotting is done with sfmap using the RAD keyword.

Here is a comparison with another radar product for the same time (the new
N0Q is on the right-hand side).
There is a problem as all the values seem to be all the same... at least
with the same color.

[image: Screenshot_20210523-091127.png][image: image.png]  [image:

I tried with several LUTFIL and it is always the same.

The pqact.conf is just:
NEXRAD  ^SDUS[23578]. ....
        FILE    -overwrite      -close

Any hint on what could be wrong?


Another question is the LUTFIL. Previously I had this colormap with the N0Z
[image: CXX_N0Z.1.gif]
Is there a way to generate a LUTFIL with the same colormap?

Thanks for your help!


Christian Pagé

PNG image

PNG image

PNG image

GIF image

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