[gembud] GEMPAK 7.5.1 Released

Hello GEMPAK users, 7.5.1 is available this morning at

*Release Notes *(https://github.com/Unidata/gempak/releases/tag/7.5.1)

* Supports GOES-16/17 ABI imagery in NetCDF 4 format
* Fixed build of program dctama

*GEMPAK Support for GOES ABI NetCDF:*

GOES16 and GOES17 ABI products are distributed in NetCDF4 formatted files,
and GEMPAK as of release 7.5.1 can now read and display these products in
their native formats (it is no longer needed to convert netCDF to McIDAS
area format to display in GEMPAK).

For Full Disk and CONUS sectors, GOES16 and GOES17 ABI products are sent
across the Satellite Broadcast Network as tiles, each contributing to a
"mosaic" of a full sector scan. The Unidata Program Center has provided an
alternate data feed in which all tiles are "stitched" together (thanks to
the program ldm-alchemy).

To request these stitched images, add the following request line to your
REQUEST NIMAGE "GOES" idd.unidata.ucar.edu

The following pattern action
        FILE    -close  data/gempak/images/sat/\1/\2/\3/\3_\7_\8
will create files such as :


for each of the 16 ABI channels (here the environmental variable SAT =
/data/ldm/gempak/images/sat/) and each available sector (e.g. CONUS above).

*NMAP2 Display*
The above pqact.conf entry will write images to directories in $SAT, which
are then selectable in NMAP2 > New Data Source > Image

*Known Issues*

* GOES 17 Full Disk displaying reverse-side global map.
* Sub-minute records may not all display since GEMPAK handles files with
the assumption of discrete minutes (HHMM used for filename templates rather
than HHMMSS)

Michael James
Unidata Program Center
Boulder, CO
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