GEMPAK Source Code and Binaries

GEMPAK is an analysis, display, and product generation package for meteorological data. It is used at National Centers for producing operational forecast and analysis products. GEMPAK consists of a large compilation of individual programs which provide data access, computation and display capabilities. These programs can be used both interactively as well as in automated or batch oriented processing. Graphical User Interfaces provide convenient access to interactive data manipulation. A comprehensive set of decoders enables integration of real-time and archive data, products, and bulletins.

Latest GEMPAK Release Notes on GitHub

GitHub release license Travis Badge Codacy Badge

Sep 10, 2018
64-bit CentOS/Red Hat 6
Sep 10, 2018
64-bit CentOS/Red Hat 7
Sep 10, 2018
64-bit Fedora Core
Sep 11, 2018
64-bit Ubuntu (16.04)
Sep 14, 2017
x86 Solaris 10
Sep 11, 2018
Source code tarball

GitHub Clone

    git clone GEMPAK7
    cd GEMPAK7 && . Gemenviron.profile
    make everything

Getting Started

Download and Installation Guide
Instructions for source and binary installation.

Configuring Data and Decoders
Instructions for configuration and maintenance of real-time data ingestion and decoding.

GEMPAK Tutorial
The online tutorial provides an overview for using GEMPAK.