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GEMPAK is an analysis, display, and product generation package for meteorological data. It is used at National Centers for producing operational forecast and analysis products. GEMPAK consists of a large compilation of individual programs which provide data access, computation and display capabilities.

GEMPAK can be built from source for a number of operating systems and with different sets of C and Fortran compilers. Open Motif and a host of X libraries are required in order to build from source. See the GEMPAK Installation page for the source code build walk-through and library requirements.

Latest Release: GEMPAK 7.3.2

  • gdradr support for dual-pol products.
  • dcgrib(1) support for NOAAport NAM212.
  • g2vcrdwmo6.tbl, g2varswmo0.tbl symlink.
  • gdplot fix for omitted titles.

Download Source Code

These archives will uncompress to a directory "gempak-7.3.2" which should be renamed to "GEMPAK7".


Binary RPMs are provided for three common systems (x86_64 linux64, i386 linux, Solaris 5.10 x86). RPMs have package requirements similar to the libraries needed by a source code build (such as libXp, libXt, libXext, etc.).

Jun 24, 2017
64 bit Linux (x86_64) build with gcc-gfortran.
Jun 24, 2017
64 bit Linux (x86_64) built against Python 2.7 (for AWIPS data access)
Nov 29, 2016
Mac OSX (x86_64) built against Python 2.7 (for AWIPS data access)
Jun 6, 2014
32 bit Linux (i386) build with gcc-gfortran.
Oct 7, 2014
SunOS x86 binary tarball built with Sun Fortran 95 8.6 and Sun C 5.12

Tables, Libraries and Maps

Jun 24, 2017
External library source tarball to be built in $NAWIPS/extlibs
Jun 24, 2017
All of $GEMPAK/tables/ for users who wish to only grab the latest tables
Jun 24, 2017
ASCII (SSF) files previously in $GEMPAK/maps/ascii/
Apr 7, 2008
1km land cover for land/sea masking

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Getting Started

Download and Installation Guide
Instructions for source and binary installation.

Configuring Data and Decoders
Instructions for configuration and maintenance of real-time data ingestion and decoding.

GEMPAK Tutorial
The online tutorial provides an overview for using GEMPAK.