Re: [gembud] Gempak-7.4.5.deb installation

try building netcdf from source first.. once that is successful try a gempak build:

you should also be aware of some known netcdf issues and changes... note this unidata support ticket

Merry Christmas



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Thank you for the suggestion.


I think there is still something amiss with the netcdf part of the build.

I am receiving three files over and over again that are missing and causing compilation issues:


gcc -DUNDERSCORE -DLinux -I/home/lewisp/gempak/GEMPAK7/gempak/include -I/home/lewisp/gempak/GEMPAK7/os/linux/include -I/usr/X11R6/include -O2 -fPIC -g -I/usr/X11R6/i$

crncdf.c:4:20: fatal error: netcdf.h: No such file or directory

compilation terminated.

There are 8 occurrences of this and all are fatal.


Makefile:150: recipe for target '/home/lewisp/gempak/GEMPAK7/os/linux/lib/gn.a(crncdf.o)' failed

make[5]: *** [/home/lewisp/gempak/GEMPAK7/os/linux/lib/gn.a(crncdf.o)] Error 1


gfortran: error: /home/lewisp/gempak/GEMPAK7/os/linux/lib/gn.a: No such file or directory

Makefile:80: recipe for target 'nc' failed

make[5]: *** [nc] Error 1

There are 98 occurrences of gn.a missing.


gfortran: error: /home/lewisp/gempak/GEMPAK7/os/linux/lib/libnetcdf.a: No such file or directory

Makefile:100: recipe for target 'ps' failed

make[5]: *** [ps] Error 1

There are 63 occurrences of libnetcdf.a missing.

What I’m not sure of here is how I fix this issue. Is it cause the file is actually missing or are we still having issues with environmental variables misdirecting.

Thank you for all the help so far, things are looking better as there are much few errors than previous attempts.


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start by grepping make.out for 'rror' and similar wordings to see which dependencies have not been met, then install the associated packages... as mentioned before if you plan to use this in a production environment (compared to just tinkering), let me know and I'll dial in to help you and/or skype to walk you through a few things

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night

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