Re: [gembud] Gempak-7.4.5.deb installation

Patrick, Etal.
I've been trying to build from source for some time.  Followed instruction and 
videos found on line.  Failed miserably and am exasperated trying that 
route....thus this attempt at using a built package.
Maybe this version is an update rather than a complete build.  Details are 
quite sparse so it is hard for a nubi to say.
All help is greatly appreciated!

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GEMPAK works well, and quite stably for extended periods of time; but Mike is 
correct, it is best to compile from source, as is true with most systems. 
However, GEMPAK is not for the faint of heart, but if you love her, she will 
work with you, without fail or nary an issue 
If you wish to use GEMPAK for specific needs in a production environment, such 
as deep meteorological analysis or climatological analysis, or for other stable 
specific needs, I will help walk you through the steps of a stable build since 
I've been using her from the beginning. One of the many great things about 
GEMPAK is that once she is built properly, she runs like a Pronghorn Antelope 
along the steppes of the Continental Divide, and one only need update a table 
or two for the occasional adaptation that is necessary. 
Best of luck!


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