[gembud] Issue with Gridded GFS MOS

I have two systems, one running CentOS 7.2 and GEMPAK 7.3.1 and the other 
Solaris 11.3 running GEMPAK 7.2.0. I have the standard suggested entries for 
the Gridded GFS MOS but am only getting ptype in the decoded file.

Here is my entry:
NGRID|HDS       ^[LM].U... KWBQ
        PIPE    /usr/local/ldm/decoders/dcgrib2 -v 1 -d 
        -e GEMTBL=/usr/gempak/GEMPAK/gempak/tables

The decoder log says 508 bulletins processed. The file has 189 grids, all ptype.

Anyone else seeing this?

Robert Mullenax

Please note new email address: robert.r.mullenax@xxxxxxxx
Robert Mullenax
Senior Principal Meteorologist, Orbital ATK/CSBF
1510 E. FM 3224
Palestine, Texas 75802
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