[gembud] New data-curation Unidata email list

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  • Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2017 13:48:21 -0500 (CDT)
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Hello ldm-users and gembud,

A new Unidata email list has been established that may interest some of you. The list is titled 'data-curation' and has a charter of:

  This mailing list is for community discussion centered on the curation
  of Unidata-provided data. Topics include the provenance of observation
  station metadata, usage of various data formats, and processing of
  Unidata-provided feeds as related to both current use and long-term
  storage of the data.


You can sign up by emailing 'data-curation-join@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' without any special subject or message necessary.

The hope of this list is to discuss issues related to the processing of datasets streamed over LDM and sometimes ingested by GEMPAK. These topics are sometimes discussed on ldm-users, but perhaps we can go into a bit more depth on this new dedicated list and have some more metadata folks on the list than currently exist with ldm-users/gembud.

Personally, I plan to be spamming the list related to work I am doing on cataloging Noaaport, WMO header inconsistencies, and general fun rectifying METAR / SHEF station metadata tables.

thanks for your time,

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