Re: [gembud] GEMPAK Data Access Help

Hi Victor,

GEMPAK and more specifically the (20-year old) N-AWIPS package (which includes 
GEMPAK, NMAP2, NWX ...) only reads GEMPAK-formatted data files (surface and 
RAOB, and gridded model output files) as well as satellite data in McIDAS AREA 
or Noaaport GINI formats, and NEXRAD level 3 and 2.  NMAP2 cannot read in data 
from an EDEX server.  You'd have to set up LDM to download the data files you 
want, and also have LDM run GEMPAK decoders so NMAP2 and the various GEMPAK 
programs (e.g. gdplot2, sfmap, snprof) can read the GEMPAK-decoded data files.  
It's all a bit "old-school" but it still works ... :D

AWIPS2, which has a lot of the GEMPAK functionality inside of it, can/must read 
from data served via EDEX.

Hope this helps ...


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Hello, I appear to have hit a brick wall when it comes to accessing data
on GEMPAK. I've got GEMPAK installed with all the packages, sourced the
variables, and everything opens but no data is coming in through the
EDEX server. Screenshot below shows the issue.

Is the EDEX server is where data comes through or do I need to setup an
LDM ingest server or anything similar. I've looked in multiple places
for help but hear alot of custom scripts, LDM server, etc... I am very
new to GEMPAK but would love to learn about it & use it but it appears
beginners guides are seldom seen. Any help would be greatly
appreciated! :)

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